Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

The only way we can free and protect humanity from CHILD-GENITAL-MUTILATION is to IMPLEMENT THE EXISTING LAW!!! ...

anyone speaking or writing or in any other form being for child genital mutilation is punishable for it by existing US-Rule of Law and may be called >CHILD-MUTILATOR< but not CHILD-RAPIST or CHILD-ABUSER or CHILD-MOLESTER or anything else but >CHILD-MUTILATOR<.
... also if the person does not actually mutilate the child. supporting an act that is punishable by federal rule of law is in itself punishable by this law.

medically indicated removal of the foreskin is in fact an act of >mutilation< that is not punishable by law.
not medically indicated removal of or injury to the foreskin of the child is punishable by existing US-Rule of Law.
there is no law in the USA that allows the removal of a healthy bodypart of the living boda of a child!

those who claim the legal right to mutilate the child, those who say there is no law that forbids child-genital-mutilation are WRONG!!!
... NOBODY CAN SHOW A UNITED STATES LAW that gives parents or anyone else the right to inflict physical or psychical injury to the child.

No doctor, no mother, no father ... nobody has the legal right to change the phenotypical appearence of the child.
The healthy foreskin is a phenotypical appearance and is as part of the physical integrity of the child as the whole of the child also protected by federal law.

So, yes it is ok to call a child-mutilator and anyone that stands in protectiv relation to this punishable act against US-Federal Law >CHILD-MUTILATOR<>LAW-BRAKER< ... and >ANTI-CHILD-HUMAN< and because of this also >ANTI-HUMANITY-HUMAN<.
... it is our freedom, right and DUTY to report this person or persons that are known to be CHILD-MUTILATORS to the police or other authorities.

If we write letters to ask for STOPPING FINANCING CHILD-GENITAL-MUTILATION, we are giving a terrible sign: the sign as if we acknowledge the MUTILATION of CHILDREN.

... but we do NOT agree with this act, whether it is financed or not. it is punishable by existing law and it must be stopped by implementing this law.
Even if the government would stop financing it in the US, there are all those MILLIONS of CHILD-GENITAL-MUTILATORS that call themselfs "the chosen ones" and that even claim that "god has told us to do it" and the others that call themselfs "muslim" ...

they are not being stoppt from comitting this ANTI-CREATOR-ACTIVITY only because the government doesnt pay for comitting this ANTI-CHILD-ACT.
they "think" that they are above the CONSTITUTIONAL FDERAL RULE OF LAW ... they dont give a shit about the money ... they are FANATICAL RELIGIOUS and / or CULTURAL RITUAL CHILD-GENITAL-MUTILATORS ... and there are MILLIONS !!! in the USA and more than 500 MILLION ON EARTH ...

The only way we can free and protect humanity from CHILD-GENITAL-MUTILATION is to IMPLEMENT THE EXISTING LAW!!! ...


Amen Ronald Oberhollenzer, Responsible Co-Scholar in Humanity´s School,
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